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No joke. UNATION was conceived on a napkin, at a movie set, within a reasonable distance to some famous people.

Our founder, John Bartoletta, had a simple realization that Events are what bring people together and that the Branding around events is incredibly important to create an honest and lasting relationship between the Event creator and Event attendees. So, John set out to make a social app based strictly on Events and Branding. From there, John met our co-founder, George Beardsley, and together they brought the concept to life. After our inevitable #startupstruggle, John and George’s original vision has become a reality. Through Events, and the Branding around those Events, UNATION connects people around the world unlike any other social experience on the market.


We come to work every day with one mission: make it easier for people to connect around Events.

Why are we so passionate about Events? Because...Events are the moments where you experience life, enhance friendships, and create memories that will last forever. If you think about it, attending or hosting an event is much more meaningful than anything else you do with your free time… because it’s a choice. You’re actually choosing to spend time with the people you care about around a common interest that brings you together.


Why is Branding such a big part of what we do at UNATION? Because Branding is the essence of who you are. Whether you’re Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, your not-so-average Joe, or the tongue of Miley Cyrus, with our platform your Brand can truly “break the internet.”

Branding simply means that you have control over the appearance of your profile and everything on it – from your photos -- to each of your events. Your Brand Page allows you to put your best image forward. This is exciting because it allows you to look the way you want to look and to showcase your most important content however you see fit. The real power of branding on UNATION is the fact that you can engage your audience in a way that reflects you or your business, for no cost. If it feels like you just hit the jackpot, it’s ‘cause you kinda did. ;)

We are a small team of 20+ very passionate designers, developers and astronauts.


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